Singing Lessons at Gabrielle Johnson Music

"What I have come to learn in this time is that there is no one perfect method to teach music and no single solution which suits every circumstance. I have, however, learned that singing should be the basis of all music learning, irrespective of the method chosen."  Richard Gill AO  

At Gabrielle Johnson Music we also believe that singing lessons are the best introduction to music!

Why group rather than private for young singers?

  • students learn from each other.
  • no-one will feel exposed singing on their own if they are shy.
  • they are fun, interactive and energizing for student and teacher.
  • harmony work is only possible in a group.
  • new friendships are formed whilst pursuing better singing skills.

What will you learn?

  • contemporary singing styles.
  • an understanding of how to interpret songs and to sing with ease and confidence.
  • to improve your musical ear and rhythm skills.
  • Performance skills through recitals, concerts and community performances.

What will your classes cover?

  • how to warm-up the voice
  • fun vocal exercises to improve range, stamina, pitch and tone.
  • rhythm and ear training.
  • advanced skills including harmony and style interpretations
  • microphone and stage techniques.

What ages do you teach?

  • kindy to adults
  • private lessons are available and are recommended to be done in conjunction with a group class if possible.

What will you need to bring?

  • presentation folder for handouts.
  • wear comfortable clothes.

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