• No refunds are given once term classes commence - check all dates carefully. 
  • Current students must pay their next term fee by due date on invoice to keep their current term spot. 
  • Verbal confirmations do not confirm your next term spot - only payments do. 
  • Make-up classes are given at the discretion of the school and only if a suitable replacement time can be found. 

Creative Kids $100 Vouchers

As a registered Creative Kids Provider, you are eligible to claim $100 off per child, per calendar year through Service NSW.   Click this link to apply then send us your voucher details.

DISCLAIMER: Please read this before submitting your voucher details to us:
Once we redeem your child's voucher:

  • $100 discount will be applied to your next term's invoice.
  • It cannot be used to refund term fees already paid.
  • It is not transferrable to another Creative Kids Provider.
  • It is not redeemable in cash and can only be used as a discount for future classes with the provider who has redeemed the voucher.

Home Practice Expectations and Suggestions

  • All students will be expected to practice in between classes and lesson notes will be emailed periodically with reminders.

Recitals, Concerts and Community Performances

  • End of term recitals are usually done for our group classes and are a vital part of our programme.
  • End of term recitals give students the opportunity to showcase their talents for family and friends and to practice performance skills.
  • An annual concert is usually held around the end of Term 3 for all GJMusic students.
  • We often perform at local community events where our students get to represent their music school.
Privacy Policy
  • Any data gathered by Gabrielle Johnson Music is used for our own marketing purposes and will not be sold to any third parties.