Guitar Lessons

You will learn...

  • chords
  • finger-picking
  • rhythm and strumming patterns
  • chord progressions and song structure
  • guitar tabulature
  • scales, warm-ups and exercises
  • fun apps and games

What ages do you start on guitar?

  • We recommend to wait until Year 2/3
  • private lessons are usually best at first to gain the necessary skills to join an already established group
  • you may join an already existing group if you have the skills necessary to keep up.
  • we may start a brand new beginners group with a minimum of 3 students.

What will you need to start?

  • own guitar, picks, capo, tuner.
  • presentation folder for handouts

Register for a guitar lesson here

What Guitar to Buy? 

Douglas Clarke, founder of Sunburst Music in Coogee has been selling guitars for over 30 years.
If you need to purchase a new guitar we recommend you watch this before visiting his store.