Guitar and Singing at Gabrielle Johnson Music

You will learn...

  • to build confidence through mastering skills and performances 
  • from highly motivated teachers
  • good technique 
  • how to interpret songs and perform them with ease and confidence.
  • how to participate in a group
  • musicianship and better your rhythm skills
  • different musical genres including rock, pop, blues, classical and country. 

Guitar Lessons

You will learn...

  • chords
  • finger-picking
  • rhythm and strumming patterns
  • chord progressions and song structure
  • guitar tabulature
  • scales, warm-ups and exercises
  • fun apps and games

What ages do you start on guitar?

  • We recommend to wait until Year 2/3
  • private lessons are best at first to gain the necessary skills to join the group.

What will you need to start?

  • own guitar, picks, capo, tuner.
  • presentation folder for handouts

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What Guitar to Buy? 

Douglas Clarke at Sunburst Music gives you the lowdown on what to expect when purchasing a guitar.
Watch this before visiting his store.


Singing Lessons

You will learn...

  • how singing works and that everyone can sing
  • how to warm-up the voice
  • fun vocal exercises to improve range, stamina, pitch and tone.
  • rhythm and ear training.
  • advanced skills including harmony and style interpretations
  • microphone and performance techniques.

What ages do you teach singing?

  • kindy to adults
  • singing lessons are the best introduction to music regardless of age!
  • private lessons are available but we recommended a group class if possible.

What will you need to bring?

  • presentation folder for handouts.
  • comfortable shoes as we move around (no thongs - too slippery!)

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Inside a Group Singing Lesson


Why Group lessons?

  • we like to start our singing students with group lessons
  • they are fun, interactive and energising for student and teacher.
  • students learn to play and sing in time, learn harmonies and get the experience of playing in a group.
  • new friendships are formed whilst learning a new skill.
  • recitals, concerts and community performances can be fun in a group.

Inside a Private Singing Lesson

Why Private lessons?

  • we like to start our guitar students on private lessons unless we can start a group of beginners at the same time.
  • Once a student is established with their playing, they can move onto an already established group.
  • private lesson students can learn at their own pace
  • play songs and styles that are specific to their own taste.

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